Someday Services

Laura Patterson, Professional Organizer & Life Coach
Empowering YOU to reach your "someday" goals!

Proud Member of

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance
National Association of Professional Organizers

San Franciso Chapter National Association of Professional Organizers

Humboldt Organizing Professionals Exchange
Current and former clients will receive one free hour of organizing services for each new client they refer that hires Someday Services. You can receive as many free hours as you make referrals! Ideas for getting started:

" Forward the Someday Style ezine sent to your email each month (electronic newsletter)

" Send them a link to this website with a note telling them about your experiences

" Contact Laura for copies of her brochures for your friends and/or co-workers

" Invite Laura to speak for your group on a variety of organizing topics

You want to plan and prepare for your wedding yourself, but you would like some help keeping track of and handling the details? Someday Services takes care of all the details so you can enjoy your special day without worry !

    ~ Favor Preparation
    ~ Photo Collage/Slideshow
    ~ Sign design & creation
    ~ Place Cards
    ~ Set Up
    ~ Clean Up
    ~ Liason to Service Providers
    ~ Disaster Mitigation

We can meet to discuss your Vision of the days events.

I will assist you with pre-planning and walk thru the days events.

I can meet with your family and/or other wedding participants and act as set up facilitator to execute your plan.

I would be honored to create "Sacred Space" for the Bride & Groom to spend a few moment together before or after the ceremony.

"Disaster Mitigation Services: I am willing to handle any issues that arise at the reheasal, wedding and/or reception. Featuring a bag of tricks filled with everything from pliers, duck tape and a sewing kit to an experienced/creative eye for problem solving!

"I never consider getting a "wedding planner" for my wedding. However, as the days approached, I realized I could use some extra help. Laura helped me assemble wedding favors and make signs. She was a joy to work with, very professional, and provided excellent suggestions and feedback. Several days prior to the wedding, I met with Laura at the wedding site and explained to her my vision. She mainly just listened, but caught me on some important details I had not considered. By the wedding day, I had gained a lot of confidence in Laura's ability and insightfulness. I was able to wake up that morning totally relaxed and confident that things were going to run smoothly. One of my favorite moments was showing up and seeing everything set up the way I wanted and even better. Laura came with her Someday Service bag of tricks that came in handy all day long. My father ripped his pocket of his pants due to being nervous and Laura was there to sew it up. Our dog was our ring bearer and moments before walking down the aisle, the ring pillow kept sliding down the side. Laura immediately fixed the situation with some zip ties. Later that evening someone spilled red wine all down the front of my white wedding dress. Before I could even start to get upset, Laura appeared with a bottle of soda water, that took the wine out. I have had many people, included vendors, comment on what a wonderful day it was. I can attribute much of the day's success to Laura." ~S. Stallman