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Laura Patterson, Professional Organizer & Life Coach
Empowering YOU to reach your "someday" goals!

Proud Member of

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance
National Association of Professional Organizers

San Franciso Chapter National Association of Professional Organizers

Humboldt Organizing Professionals Exchange
Current and former clients will receive one free hour of organizing services for each new client they refer that hires Someday Services. You can receive as many free hours as you make referrals! Ideas for getting started:

" Forward the Someday Style ezine sent to your email each month (electronic newsletter)

" Send them a link to this website with a note telling them about your experiences

" Contact Laura for copies of her brochures for your friends and/or co-workers

" Invite Laura to speak for your group on a variety of organizing topics

Lauras pictureLaura Patterson lives on the beautiful Redwood coast of California with her black Labrador, two cats and her desert tortoise Daisy.

She worked as a formal Caregiver from 1991 to 2001 in private homes, skilled nursing and adult day health care facilities followed by 5 years as training and outreach coordinator for the Area 1 Agency on Aging. She developed her strong organization skills by running comprehensive activity programs for up to 99 participants at a time. Her system development skills were honed while working with the Caregiver Support Project to create and present caregiver trainings and a work referral registry while providing the caregivers with the support they needed to provide quality care.

Laura began organizing professionally in June 2006. She has a creative eye for systemization and an ability to visualize the dimensions of a space. She lived in a tiny house (425 sq ft) for over 10 years and became adept at making the most of tight quarters. Her compassion and discretion have come from working with elders and people of diverse backgrounds and physical abilities. By observing nature and always looking for order among chaos, she has learned to rely upon her intuition and experience to help you figure out what goes where and why! Laura is a graduate of the Organizing Academy, a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NAPO and the Humboldt Organizing Professionals Exchange (HOPE).

"Laura did things to my desires. She foresaw difficulties and solved problems. Her company was wonderful. She stayed focused, did a lot of the hard labor, but was able to shift when I decided to do a dump run. I have never met someone with such a caring, giving, vivacious nature. She has the skills to match and the imagination to bring ANY project to fruition. She is very resourceful and is always seeking new ways to improve her "bag of tricks" so that she can do this work that she does best." ~N. Cabrerra