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Laura Patterson, Professional Organizer & Life Coach
Empowering YOU to reach your "someday" goals!

Proud Member of

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance
National Association of Professional Organizers

San Franciso Chapter National Association of Professional Organizers

Humboldt Organizing Professionals Exchange
Current and former clients will receive one free hour of organizing services for each new client they refer that hires Someday Services. You can receive as many free hours as you make referrals! Ideas for getting started:

" Forward the Someday Style ezine sent to your email each month (electronic newsletter)

" Send them a link to this website with a note telling them about your experiences

" Contact Laura for copies of her brochures for your friends and/or co-workers

" Invite Laura to speak for your group on a variety of organizing topics

Major life changes can create clutter!

If you have experienced a birth, death, or move in the last year it is not unusual for things to start piling up! Here are some ways to keep these changes from cluttering up your life:

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GO MONTH - Get Organized Month

Is getting organized one of your New Year's resolutions? Getting organized is among the top three resolutions every year. In fact, January is National Get Organized (GO) Month. In recognition of GO month, members of the Humboldt Organizing Professionals Exchange (H.O.P.E.) are donating their services to the community through two different programs. The first of these programs is a free lecture series... [read more]

"Someday Time" coupons.

A simple gift of your time to help with chores that they don't have the time or energy to do themselves.

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