Someday Services

Laura Patterson, Professional Organizer & Life Coach
Empowering YOU to reach your "someday" goals!

Proud Member of

Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance
National Association of Professional Organizers

San Franciso Chapter National Association of Professional Organizers

Humboldt Organizing Professionals Exchange
Current and former clients will receive one free hour of organizing services for each new client they refer that hires Someday Services. You can receive as many free hours as you make referrals! Ideas for getting started:

" Forward the Someday Style ezine sent to your email each month (electronic newsletter)

" Send them a link to this website with a note telling them about your experiences

" Contact Laura for copies of her brochures for your friends and/or co-workers

" Invite Laura to speak for your group on a variety of organizing topics

I work with Empathic Entrepreneurs to discover the joy & freedom of self employment.

Are you an Empathic? Have you spent most of your life in service to others, mostly feeling misunderstood, or at least under compensated for the heart and soul you pour into your work?
Do you help others to understand themselves, and the world better by listening, reassuring them and setting them at ease?
Have you found you soak up other's emotions, energy and problems?
Have you had these feelings since a very young age?
Are you ready to strike out on your own and be the change you want to see in the world, but don't know where to begin?

If so I understand and am here to support & empower you to face your fears, set realistic boundaries, learn coping strategies and techniques to protect your self as you make your dreams of self employment a financially rewarding and sustainable reality!

You CAN be the positive change you wish to see in the world someday and I would be honored to be your partner on that journey.

If you are ready, email me today for your free sample session or take our quiz to see just how coachable you are!

I can help you to discover for yourself how to grow your business by setting appropriate boundaries, taking time for yourself, approaching business as your authentic self without masking your innate talents and gifts. I understand that being sensitive IS an asset and you can be profitable while sharing your gifts with the world!